Professional Journey


Entrepreneurial spirit technologist with 16+ Years of experience with a good mix of tech and product thinking. I have built and managed large-scale distributed systems (6-10M DAU with services having millions ops/min), managed large teams, and handled critical charters

  • Pharmeasy : India’s Biggest e-Pharma Player
    Handling most critical charters - Core services in pre-cart journey (Catalog, Search, Discovery etc) which are experienced 6 Million DAU.
  • Casaone : Rental / Subscription For Furnitures
Automated credit decision for 95% of rental customers by integrating with Experian, Lexis Nexis, Plaid and Ocrolus.  
  • Smartpage, CEO : Multi Level Marketing Tool  
    Smartpage is acquired by Quirqstation in April 2019. Worked as CTO at Quirqstation post merger.
  • ShopX : B2B E-Commerce Platform for Bharath
    Scaled tech to handle 100K sellers, build team from 2 member team to 40+ member team in 1.5 years.
  • Tavant : Lending Platform
    Part of Lending Platform Team, Played a very crucial role in grabbing a $10M+ partnership deal with Flagstar Bank, Michigan USA.
  • Uzeapp Inc : Digital Wallet
    An startup funded and co-founded with renowned Silicon Valley Investor, but failed to make an impact.

Impact & Results

Highlights of my professional career

Pharmeasy - Associate Director of Engineering

India’s biggest e-pharmacy public company with 55% market share with more than 6-10M DAU and > $2B in revenue.

Tech Charters handled:
Catalog - Availability, Inventory, Pricing, Product, Listing
User Discovery : Search, Recommendation, Discovery,
Growth  - Discount, Offers, Coupons, & Membership etc
Monetisation - PL, High Margin Products, Substitute etc
Initiative : SurgiCare - Connects Customer with Hospital for Day Care Surgeries

Direct Reportees : Seniors EMs and Architects.


  • Monetisation : Launched Banner Ads, Product Ads, Search Ads, HMS and PL Ranking across various properties.
  • Lead HyperLocal Initiative - From city to zone level product listing along with sunsetting of monolithic architecture.
  • Search : Moved away from Lexical search to DS Model Based Search - Improved Search to ATC by 2%
  • Recommendations : Product and category recommendation along with reminders of recommended product at user level. It contributes to 2% GMV.
  • HMS & PL : Saving cart to provide affordable alternatives which improved 20% brand alternatives adoption.
  • Discovery : User level widget and discovery personalisation

Optimised - Latency, Storage and Infra

  • Multiple phases of optimisation done to bring down catalog and search infra cost down by 45%.
  • Latencies of all catalog internal APIs is <10ms and aggregator with <60ms (down by 50% from last year).
  • Developed custom ES-Plugin to enable operation over bit-array which helped in 10x reduction in data size.
  • Reduced the total time for segmentation by ~60%


  • Non user-path metrics dashboard helped in improving time to resolve by effectively using alerts and proactive communication.
  • Developed sync tool to identify sync issues across systems for millions of listings.

Casaone - Associate Director of Engineering

  • Created Credit Service to automate 95% of credit decisions.
  • Integrated Multiple Payment Methods to improve conversion rate.
  • Built Casaone Store for clearance sale of products.
  • Build Design led furniture buying experience
  • Build custom tools for various high net worth partners.

Smartpage - CEO & Founder

Smartpage is acquired and merged with Quirqstation Retail and was planned to be used by quirq sellers to promote their products.

Tavant, Technical Architect

  • Defined the architecture of digital lending enterprise platform which had 6 different sub products and various enterprise tool integrations
  • Played crucial role in winning a $10M+ partner deal with Flagstar bank, Michigan, USA.

ShopX - Sr. Technical Architect

  • Built platform to serve 3L transactions per day and powers a deeply integrated supply chain.
  • Grew 2 member team to 40+ in a year.
  • Rebuilt tablet app, the seller growth went from 1000 to 50,000 within 8 months.
  • Integrated services with Walmart, Shopclues, Airtel & bill payment service.

Uzeapp Inc. (USA), CTO

Smart Digital Wallet for in-store payment. Mix of Location, WiFi and BT to find nearest payment counter to do transaction.

Contata, Tech Lead R&D

  • Collaborated with Architect to plan, design, develop and test.
  • FoundationIP were used by 850 Corporate Clients including Google, Yahoo, Intel etc